The Future is COMING SOON!

Will you be a part of it?

Supper Club & VIP Cigar Lounge LLC

Yes you're right I should be showing you the restoration renderings from the years of work done by the architect and interior designers so where are they?

At the end of the website  you will find the way to see the work of all those years

In January of 2015 there will be a set of parties and presentations for the future of the Historic California Theater

You will find a form to request an invitation to the fundraising event where the renderings will be presented and the plans for the operation of the new building will be revealed

I agree its a bit dramatic

It is a grand theatre after all so why do anything less!

I will tell you that the new life of the theatre is not just movies

It was and will be both for live performances and unique movies

Inside the resurrected building there will be food ~ Music ~ education ~ many new businesses all under one roof ~ under our management team.

The project will bring over 600 jobs to San Diego for the small businesses and the unions ~ once the 3 year project is complete the buildings business will have around 125 full & part time jobs.

The team on Linked in for the craftsmen needed are over 500 strong from all over the world

A project like this is unique to say the least it requires various trades that are not normal to most construction projects

The Sustainability aspect will put the building in the Platinum LEED Certification category

Sustainability materials will be sourced from a North Park Green Building Materials company and will involve all the LEED overseeing agencies such as The Center for Sustainable Energy, SDG&E, and Green Tech San Diego. 

Innovative technologies are a huge part of what we need and much of it will come from the US and some from Germany and China

There has never been a project like this before and may never be again

Those whom will be a part of it will become a part of history the students and interns will have a rare opportunity to work with a top notch team and learn things from them that will help them work in the industry for some of the best companies in the country and around the world if they choose.

The theatre will be self supporting once it's open and there will be no need for sponsors

The people of San Diego will help decide what we show and who they see on the stage and screen

San Diego will be proud of the building again

The first fundraiser party is for the political folks, the citizens of San Diego and the media

The second will be restricted to the Arts & Entertainment producers ~ musicians ~ actors and the media

This event is by invitation only like the first but the fundraiser itself will be an experience of what the new VIP Members Only Cigar Lounge will be like

A Night At Davenports ~ The fundraiser to purchase the building and bring it back to life

Register for your invitation if you want to see what the building will become the tickets for each event are very limited

you can also request your invitations on Facebook or LinkedIn if you are connected to us

Come hear the music play!!