Les Miserable became a big Broadway production with a complex plot and excellent stage presence - Lea Salonga brings it to life

Andrew Lloyd Weber brought musicals to a new level with CATS

"What is a theatre really? It's a place for creating dream and seeing them come true, where fantasy becomes reality if only for our time on the stage. I grew up working in my fathers hotel in midtown Manhattan right off 43rd and Broadway in the theatre district in NYC. I was always working so I didn't have time to see the fantastic shows but I did get to know the actors and the workers so this will be my way of seeing all those plays that I couldn't and bring the new ones to the folks that never had the chance to see them on Broadway. When the  Restored CA Theatre opens there will be a place for the next generation of dreamers to thrill audiences with their talents! - Below I'm sharing some of the Broadway songs that helped made the stage great and eternal."


There are many forms of music, dance & drama from all around the world - rarely do exotic performances come to San Diego, CA - to have unique and original worldwide acts will require a special theatre - this is the vision of the new CA Theatre San Diego - classic, elegant, exciting and fresh - all in the most state of the art Green LEED venue in the country!!

Supper Club & VIP Cigar Lounge LLC

Phantom of the Opera was one of the greatest

shows both on stage and on film - Sarah Brightmans voice was made for this

Between you and me let me share this with you. The site builder only allows us to use Youtube and honestly I hate how cheesy the ad thing at the end is but this was supposed to play music (memory from cats in classic harp it was lovely - sorry) but I couldn't stand the stupid pop up ad on the bottom so I couldn't do it to you - forgive me but the slideshow was cool and fun to do!

Enjoy it  - Davenport