Everyone needs someone who believes in them and keeps them fueled even when things go wrong - Milburn Stevens 1st VP of Lee & Associates RE Agency he's not only my Commercial agent but he is my friend and confidant - He is the agent for the purchase of the building and the button above will bring you to their site

The young maverick team at Fabled Studios London will be in charge of all the interior & exterior designing for the theatre have done enormous research on the original details - Stephen Saunders and the team have a site with their other projects which you can view by clicking the the button above.

The LEED® Sustainable Building Design Team are specialists in each of their fields, experts from all over the world.

The Davenports Interior Design teams are divided into interior new construction and the theatre restoration.

The team of 3 young guns at Fabled Studios have created the fantastic 3D renderings of the theatre that are used in all the presentations through many hours of research they found the original marquee design and even went to Morocco to find the exact colour of cobalt blue that I needed and design elements to make this building special. They have been amazing for such a new team of gentlemen.

Cleo Dickson is the principal designer for the interiors of the rest of the building she is the head of Pasefield & Park Interiors she was the first of my London team and began with me 3 years into the project. She has been my voice to the rest of the London team and has the same insight on interiors that I do. Her company has created many bespoke (custom) projects but she knows how to find what the client likes and I am not the standard client. She is fine with antique and thrift store shopping for the unique items that we need for this kind of project, she cares about every detail. The Luxury Cigar Lounge is her baby she actually has a membership from her father and has created the most elegant lobby rendering that I have ever seen our members will feel like they are back in the days of black tie and luxury when they step in the door!

There are 2 Architects on the team both LEED®  certified and have a passion for the restoration of the CA Theatre. The Design Engine team from London and is responsible for the majority of the exterior renderings . They have devoted many weeks to the project development and their  hard work shines a new light on the future of the project. Rod Graham is the head Architect for Design Engine he said something to me that solidified my confidence in him and his team and for a CEO was a wonderful thing to hear. He told me that regardless of how long this project take he and his great team of designers are with us all the way! Having faith in what we do matters as much to me as the skills of the experts. Thank you Rod!

Brian Guigerre of ACI Architecture Inc. in Dan Diego is the Architect of Record for this project his love of theatres almost rivals my own. He has scoured the world of old cinema houses for ideas on our project from Spain to Morocco sharing what he finds with the rest of the team to glean ideas in design & construction to bring to life the most special aspects of theatre design. I met Brian while he was working for a Green Office interiors company. He was always there when I had questions was kind to me and I found he had the same love of beautiful buildings that I do. We shared pictures and conversation on this and other theatres in Europe. Once he left that job we stayed in touch and he has grown to be a perfect team member and a friend.

In Texas Erich Friend of Teqniqal Inc., is the Sound & Lighting engineer who is forever on the hunt for new innovations for the project. He has put up with all the requests for new ideas and technology I can find and brings a vast expanse of creative options to try  in the restoration.

LinkedIn has provided many, many other professionals whose professions are to be a part of the new CA Theatre all have become part of the family.


Come and meet the family of the New California Theatre in San Diego!

Supper Club & VIP Cigar Lounge LLC

As a completer for my pair of much needed attorneys I am connected to another of the best in the business in this case for our Litigation - Greg Markel is the Co-Chairman, of the Litigation Department at Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP - the button above links to his firms site

Every business needs an attorney and we are blessed with the best in the business of International & Business Law - John J. Maalouf Esq. of the NYC Firm Maalouf Ashford & Talbot - John has been with us for years offering advice when I need it and standing with this endeavor over the term - he is special man & a top attorney - the above button links to his firms site

The London Design firm in charge of the new construction and especially the Lead for the Luxury VIP Cigar Lounge is

Pasfield & Park Design Company - Cleo Dickson Head Interior Designer has a vision of class and elegance to bring to the new building

Above is the link to view their site to view their site

Our US Architect of Record for the project has the same passion for design and excellence shared by the team and an eye for classic design - Brian Guigerre AIA CSI LEED AP DB+C - Principal & Director of Architecture for ACI Design Inc

The link above will lead you to their site.

This theatre needs an expert in acoustics and sustainable lighting to bring it back to life and improve it's outlook to become the State of the Art Masterpiece it will be - Teqniqal Systems Inc will be in charge of every aspect of light and sound throughout the building - Erich Friend is the Technician in charge - the button above will lead you to their site

The Lead Architect firm from London is Design Engine LLC - Architect Rod Graham is the Director of Sustainable Design for the company - Rod and his team have provided the most exquisite set of renderings featuring the most unique aspects of the newly designed theatre -

The button above brings you to their site.