The Davenports - California Theatre Resurrection Project
If you live in San Diego and visit downtown you know that this is one of the ugliest most blighted buildings in the City.

What you may not know is that before it became this decaying eyesore this is what they used to say about the Historic California Theatre.
 "San Diego's premier movie palace, the California Theatre was heralded as the "Cathedral of the Motion Picture" when it opened on April 22, 1927. The grand Spanish Colonial Revival style single-screen theatre and office building is listed on the local Register of Historical Resources, although it has been shuttered and decaying for over twenty years."

 Over the years the ownership a few owners have loved and taken care of the theatre until recently when it transferred to an out-of-town investment firm after one of the previous owners lost it to a Los Angeles hard money lenders who lets it sit falling apart for years.

The price they placed on it is needless to say extremely high as their concern is making a profit even in a poor market with a degraded building whose fate is not their concern.

We have negotiated a price however unrealistically high.

Currently the building has been saved from destruction by many developers who don't want a theatre but prefer condos or offices in its place, by the Save Our Heritage Organisation who put it on the San Diego Historic places list and it's on the most endangered historic resources list.

Its future hangs in the balance.....

The California Theatre's opulent interior originally featured gold leaf ceilings, murals, a huge Wurlitzer organ, and was able to seat 2200 film goers. In the 1970s, it became a memorable concert venue. Shortly after a 1988 renovation, it closed and came under imminent threat of demolition. Miraculously, it is still standing but vacant two decades later.
 Occupying almost half a block of prime downtown real estate, its fate continues to lie in the balance as options are being considered to expand the City Hall complex and redevelop C Street.

Meanwhile, only a few blocks away, the newly restored and reopened Balboa Theatre stands as a triumph of preservation, but it is one of 2 theatres owned by the City. They don't plan on owning a third, nor do we need them to.

Most of the people in San Diego no longer remember when the theatre was a shining example of craftsmanship and a gleaming showcase of technology when it opened in 1927.

Enter the CEO of Davenports.
Having been the Chair of the Redevelopment Project Area Committee in North Park in San Diego and being a lover of architecture, Green Building, and the Arts Davenport set out on a 6 year mission to find if the buildings problems with development, current owners and adaptive reuse could be solved.

The project concept and design have been presented and received the approval of; the Centre City Development Corporation – CCDC ( formerly the redevelopment arm of downtown), SOHO – Save our Heritage Org., members of City Council, San Diego Theatre Organ Society and many of the citizens of San Diego. 

Over the years we learned new skills, fought those who said it couldn't or shouldn't be done, researched solutions to the issues that stand in the way, found the best team members with the shared vision to create the most unique and magical state of the art theatre in the country and bring that reality to our great city of San Diego.

It's more than a building, more than real estate it is the the hope of those who need dreams to come true for a new job or a new career in the performing arts and those on the team who yearn to make beauty from stone, glass and steel!

Thank you for taking the time to review the project and for being one of those rare people that still place a value in the vision for saving and developing this beautiful historic theatre.

The outcome of this passion and dedication has been 6 years in the making. In our pages you will become a part of our journey!

There will be music, dancing and dining once more in this new life for the California Theatre in San Diego!

Ms. Dawn N. Griffin aka DavenportCEO & Developer ~ Visionary

Davenports - Supper Club & VIP Cigar Lounge LLC The California Theatre Resurrection Project

Supper Club & VIP Cigar Lounge LLC

Our International & local team of Architects, Energy specialists, Sound & lighting technology pros and many more have come together to design a solution to the challenges in bringing this site back to San Diego

In order to raise the awareness to the plight of this building we are scheduling many events around the city to showcase the issues & resolutions to saving this building ~ see what's going on.

The resurrection project is to save this beautiful decaying building ~ Closed over 20 yrs our CEO has spent 6 yrs developing a viable plan to make this a self sustaining Green Venue which is state of the art.

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